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Mirror Aluminium

It is processed by grinding, rolling, and other processing methods, resulting in a mirror surface effect.
Mirror aluminum sheet is just a general name, according to the plate surface mirror degree of high, medium, and low points, and can be divided into 800 standard mirrors, 850 high mirrors, and 890 ultra mirrors.

Product Parameters:

product name: mirror
Alloy:1 series,3 series,5series
Temper: H24、H14、O、H22、H12、H25、H16

Application and After-Sales Service:

the color of the mirror aluminum sheet can be divided into two categories: basic color and metal color. Mirror aluminum sheet is widely used in lighting reflector and lamp decoration, solar heat collection reflective materials, interior building decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panel, electronic product casing, furniture, kitchen, car interior, and exterior decoration, signs, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields.