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Marine Grade Aluminum Plate

Marine-grade aluminum plates are mainly from 5xxx aluminum alloy. The 5083, 5086, and 5052 aluminum sheets can be used for the side and bottom of the ships. The excellent corrosion resistance of 5 series alloy can better resist the erosion of seawater and extend the life of the ship.

Product Features:
1. It can reduce the shipping weight and improve the speed, and then reduce the expense of fuel.
2. Using an aluminum plate for ship manufacturing, improves the length-width ratio of the ship. Meanwhile, the ship will be more stable.
3. The aluminum plate is anti-corrosive, prolonging the service life period.
4. Our aluminum plate is easy to be formed. It is convenient to make it suitable for the ship body.
5. It will not be rusty.
Our aluminum plate for ship manufacturing is mainly are Al-Zn-Mg series alloy. It is applicable for use as case materials and superstructure of ships.

Product Parameters:

Product name: Marine grade aluminum plate
Temper:H116/ H321/ H112/ O/H111

Application and After-Sales Service:

Marine-grade aluminum plate is a typical Al-Mg-Si alloy with high corrosion and rust resistance. The underwater part of the hull, especially in the seawater, must be able to resist the corrosion of seawater. The most commonly used ones are 5083-H116 and 5083-H321 aluminum sheets.

The keel is a longitudinal member connecting the bow post and the sternpost in the center of the base of the hull. 5083 aluminum sheet is a common choice.

5083 aluminum plate is mainly used in the deck, engine pedestal, side of the ship, and the outer plate of the bottom of the ship.
The 5083-H116 aluminum sheet is also used in the transportation field, such as automobile and aircraft fuel tanks, etc.

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