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Label Foil

Foil embellishments have been popular over the last decade in labeling and packaging because they’re seen to promote a sense of luxury and add value to a product.
Foil embellishments were first used for decorative purposes including Christmas tinsel and ribbons. Now many food items, such as chocolate bars, are packaged using foil because of their sparkly quality – thought to outshine competing products printed on paper or polymer film.


Product name: Label Foil
Aluminum Alloy: 1235/8011/1100
Thickness: 0.0105mm-0.15mm
Width: 50-1850mm


*Excellent impermeability to water vapor and gas.
*Generate less waste than many other packaging materials.
*Nontoxic and hygienic.
*Greaseproof and non-absorptive to liquids
*Light in weight,moisture-proof, contaminants resistant, UV proof


Beer aluminum foil top label, also known as the hat label, has the original natural metal texture, brightness, eye-catching higher than any other base material, just like the exquisite jewelry on the crown, with the belly label, back label integrated, together to create the perfect brand beer.
T-shirt and fabric: whether you want to print tote bags to give as a gadget to your event or custom t-shirts for your team, this ennoblement can perfectly be used on fabric as well.
Packaging: a product packaging has to attract consumers’ attention – just like its label. Hot foil, thanks to its brilliance, is, therefore, a good solution for boxes, cartons, and other types of packaging.
Custom labels: your product does not have any packaging? Hot foil can be used to make your custom label design more precious – for food products, cosmetics, wine, liquor, and much more!
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