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Hot Rolled Thick Aluminum Plate

Hot rolled thick aluminum plate generally refers to rolling in which the metal is carried out above the crystallization temperature. Compared with ordinary cast-rolled products, hot-rolled aluminum sheets have the characteristics of good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and elongation properties, and good oxidation effect. Climb Aluminium has the industry’s first “1+4” hot rolling production line and the fourth domestic Westmark 2800mm six-roll cold rolling, producing hot-rolled aluminum sheets, which not only have a smoother surface, deep drawing and good oxidation effect. The width of the finished product is as high as 2650mm, which is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce ultra-wide aluminum sheets.

Product Features:

The difference between hot rolled aluminum sheet and cast aluminum sheet (also known as cold rolled aluminum sheet):
Cold-rolled aluminum sheets are also called cast-rolled aluminum sheets. The difference between cold-rolled aluminum sheets and hot-rolled aluminum sheets is in terms of price, billet supply, production process, performance, use, and finished products.

Product Parameters:

product name: Hot rolled thick aluminum plate
Alloy:5052, 5251, 5005, 5083, 5086, 5182, 5454, 5754, 5A05, 5A06, 6061, 6063, 6082

Application and After-Sales Service:

Typical applications for hot rolled thick aluminum plate:
At present, the hot-rolled thick aluminum plates produced by Climb Aluminium are widely used in wide-area curtain wall panels, automobiles, ships, bus bars, silos, stampings, molds and other fields.
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