Coated Aluminum

Coated aluminium coil/sheet are of a wide range of colors, which gives wonderful appearance on matter in residential and commercial constructions or great exhibition centers.
Coated aluminium coil/sheet have been widely used in the fields of construction (coated aluminium for aluminium-plastic composite plates, such as building curtain wall, general decoration ACP and plastic aluminum plywood)and decoration (garage doors, ceilings etc.), perforated plate, electronic appliances, lighting decoration, air-condition air pipes, sandwich panels and drainages etc.

Product Features:

1. Colored aluminum sheet is produced in a broad range of mechanical properties and spectrum of finished includes high durability
exterior coatings, epoxy resin, polyesters, fluorocarbons and metallic. Colors can be selected from RAL. Most coatings are
available on one or both sides, and painted with 2-3 layers.
2. High Uniformity: Annealing by continuous heat treatment line, the properties differences of the same coil and between coils are
very small.
3. High precision and excellent flatness
4. Excellent weather-proof durability、Anti-ultraviolet、High erosion resistance、Stable color and gloss、Good mechanical processing
performance、Abrasion resistance、Anti-impact、High flexibility

Product Parameters:

product name: coated aluminum
Alloy:1 series,3 series,5series

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. Exteror applications such as: wall cladding, facades, roofs and canopies, ACP, tunnels, column covers or renovations, etc.
2. Interior applications such as: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies, etc.
3. Advertisement and market applications such as: display platforms, signboards, fascia and shop fronts, etc.
4. Transportation and industry, etc.product quality, We can do timely delivery, timely arrival communication.