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Aluminum Can End Stock

Climb Aluminium Co., Ltd. has 3 production lines for producing materials for food and beverage containers and the coating of food cans. Our products are high-quality and they have wide applications. Our factory is one of the best can cover, lid stock manufacturers in China. We can produce lid stock efficiently with high quality. And we also have established cooperative relationships with many famous enterprises. Such as COFCO, Shanghai United Can Co., Ltd, and so on. Besides, our aluminum packing materials are also used for Coca-Cola, Jia Duo Bao, Red Bull, Wong Lo Kat, Tsingtao Beer, Budweiser Beer, etc.

Product Features:

1. Strong Corrosion Resistance. Similarly, the surface of the 5182 aluminum sheet can form a dense oxide film, which plays a good role in rust prevention, acid resistance, alkali resistance.
2. Strong Weather Resistance. The 5182 aluminum sheet used for the automobile body or building exterior wall is sprayed with special paint or PVDF fluorocarbon paint. The service life is up to 25 years and the color will not fade.
3. High Plasticity. 5182 aluminum sheet/ plate has good forming and processing performance, which can be well adapted to milling, boring, planning, and other mechanical processing at the maximum speed that can be achieved by most machine tools.
4. Mechanical Properties. 5182 aluminum sheet tensile strength σb(MPa)≥175, conditional yield strength σ0.2(Mpa)≥80, elongation δ5(%)≥15.

Product Parameters:

product name: aluminum can end stock
Temper:O/H114/H12/H22/H14/H24 etc

Application and After-Sales Service:

Typical applications for aluminum can end stock:
Aluminum can end stock can be used for the car door, Hood, Shipside/bottom plate, deck, refrigeration equipment, tank car, oil tanks, various liquid containers, and other low-load parts made by deep drawing. etc.
The professional sales and documentation team tracks the whole process.
We have many perennial cooperation customers while ensuring product quality, We can do timely delivery, timely arrival communication.