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Aluminium Checker Plate For Wind Power Generation

CLIMB has supplied aluminium checkered plates and aluminum sheets in wind power generation field for many years. We have 5 bar aluminium cheker plate and plain aluminum sheets with low density, light weight, high erosion resistance, high tensile strength and high elongation. CLIMB aluminium checker plate can meets military level with high standard. Especially, the height of rasied pattern can be 0.9mm to 1.2mm. It is better than other suppliers. And the most important thing is CLIMB Climb Aluminium can supply large aluminium tread plate with extra width. The widest aluminium checkered plate can be 2200mm. Fast delivery and good packaging are also our two major advantages.

Product Features:

Aluminum checker plates for wind power generation have plenty of other properties, making them a popular choice of aluminium product in lots of different applications, environments and industries. They’re lightweight, hardy and flexible with good drilling, welding and forming ability so they can be easily folded and made into different shapes as needed.
They’re also super durable and reliable so they keep their shape and look over a long period of time time. This is why aluminium plates are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Plus, because it’s easy to recycle aluminium without reducing its quality, it’s an incredibly environmentally friendly material to use.

Product Parameters:

product name: aluminum checker plate for wind power generation
Temper:O/H114/H12/H22/H14/H24 etc

Application and After-Sales Service:

Typical applications for aluminum checker plate for wind power generation:
The checkered plate for wind power generation is beautiful and durable. Whether you want to use it for car pedal or anti-skid area in the factory, it is applicable. The checkered plate has wide applications. Besides, it is also available to decorate the buildings. It’s widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment platform anti-skid plate, stair pedal, wind power tower and elevator anti-skid plate.

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