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Henan Climb Aluminium Co., LTD., founded in 2019, has been operating as the foreign trade department of Henan Wanda Aluminium for more than 10 years and has rich experience in foreign trade of aluminum products. In 2020, the cross-border e-commerce department was newly established under the original traditional foreign trade sales mode to facilitate more efficient service to customers.

about us

Our products are in line with GB/T, EN(BIS), ASTM, JIS and other quality standards. One of our major advantages is that we can ensure that the tolerance of product size is less than ±1%. The rib height of aluminum checker plate can reach 1.2mm, and we can also achieve extra wide aluminum plate. Since its establishment, Climb aluminum Co., Ltd. has enjoyed a linear growth in sales of aluminum products, established long-term cooperative relations with more than 500 enterprises at home and abroad, and has a good reputation.

Our company’s selling concept is to adhere to the customer needs, we are equipped with professional sales team, documentation team and after-sales team, and strive to ensure the quality of the premise, actively communicate with customers, to ensure the interests of customers and carefully treat every customer.