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7005 Aluminum Coil

Climb Aluminium is a large 7005 aluminum plate manufacturer, which produces and supplies 7 series alloy aluminum plates, including 7005 aluminum plate, 7050 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate etc.

7005 aluminum sheet is the most readily available aluminum alloys appropriate to making frames. There are many other aluminum alloys like 7075 and 2014 that are stronger than both 6061 and 7005, but are not appropriate to making frames because they are nearly impossible to weld. It has similar physical properties to 6061 aluminum alloy, except it has a higher density of 2.78 g/cm3, and depending on the temper, maybe slightly stronger, it does not need to be precipitation hardened, unlike 6061, but can be cooled in air.

Product Features:

1. The materials currently used in aluminum alloy frames are 7005 and 6061.
2. 7000 series mainly uses zinc as the main alloy, and the composition ratio reaches 6%. The 6000 series mainly uses magnesium and silicon as the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is low.
3. In terms of strength, 7005 is stronger, but only slightly stronger. As can be seen from the table, yield strength (the strength of permanent bending deformation of aluminum) is only a little stronger than 6061.
4. All aluminum alloys used as frame materials are heat treated T6

Product Parameters:

product name: 7005 Aluminum Sheet
Temper:T6, T651, T62, T652, T76, T74,T7451, T73, T7351
Surface: Mill finish, Bright finish, paper interleaved, one side film, both sides film.

Application and After-Sales Service:

7005 aluminum sheet is mainly used in aerospace, mold processing, machinery and equipment, fixtures and so on. 7005 aluminum sheet, is often used for manufacturing welded structures which not only have high strength but also high fracture toughness such as truss, rod/bar and the container in transportation vehicles; large-sized heat exchangers, some parts which cannot been performed solid fusion processing after welding; and also manufacturing of sports equipment for tennis rackets and baseball bats.
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