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5A06 Aluminum Sheet

5A06 aluminum sheet (AL-Mg) belongs to anti-rust aluminum with high content of magnesium. It has features such as high strength and corrosion stability, its plasticity is good after annealing or extrusion. Airtightness and weld plastic are also pretty good during the welding seam of argon arc welding. The matrix strength of the welding joint of gas welding and spot welding is 90~95% and which has a good feature of machinability.


1.5A06 aluminum plate sheet belongs to anti-rust aluminum, has good corrosion resistance and weldability, and medium strength.
2. The air-tightness and plasticity of the welding seam with argon arc welding are acceptable. The strength of the welding joint of gas welding and spot welding is 90 to 95% of the strength of the matrix, and the machinability is good.
3.5A06 aluminum plate sheet looks beautiful after anodization, no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, no burrs on the surface of the aluminum plate.


Product Name: 5A06 Aluminum Sheet
Main ingredients:Aluminum and magnesium
Tempers: O/h34/h32/h24/h111/h112/h14/h114
Thickness: 0.1mm-300mm
Width: 7mm-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: Plain Plate

Applications and After-Sale Service:

Widely used in welded structures, cold die forging parts, welded and drawn container stress parts; maritime uses such as ships, automobiles, subway light rails, pressure vessels that require strict fire protection (such as liquid tankers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), refrigeration devices, TV tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment. It can also be used in the construction industry, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts for vehicles and ships, meters, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, and other fields.
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