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5454 Aluminum Coil

Aluminum alloy 5454 has very good corrosion resistance, in particular to seawater and general environmental conditions. Strength is medium to high and similar alloy 5754 with good strength in the temperature range 65 to 170 degrees centigrade. It has a high fatigue strength. It is not suitable for complex or fine extrusions. 5454 Aluminium Alloy coil anti-rust aluminum strength than 5052 aluminum plate is 20%, its characteristics and 5154 roughly the same, but in the harsh environment corrosion resistance than 5154 good.


1. Since 5454 aluminum coil has fewer hard and brittle compounds, it is not easy to produce processing cracks.
2. It has strong plasticity and low welding twill tendency.
3. 5454 aluminum coil has good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. Aluminum alloy has incomparable corrosion resistance to steel.
4. The tank made of 5454aluminum alloy can transport various liquids or liquefied gases without any protective layer inside.
The aluminum tanker plate has good conductivity and energy absorption performance. It will not generate sparks when it collides with other vehicles, thus reducing the occurrence of accidents such as explosions.


Product Name: 5454 Aluminum coil
Main ingredients:Aluminum and magnesium
Tempers: O/h321/h111
Thickness: 0.1mm-300mm
Width: 7mm-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: aluminum coil

Applications and After-Sale Service:

Road Transport Body-Building
Chemical and Process Plant
Pressure Vessels, Containers, Boilers
Marine & Off-shore incl. Masts,
Pylons, poles & masts
Car Wheels
Inner and outer siding,
Bedplate and board of railway carriage
Marine Facilities Pipeline
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