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5182 Aluminum Sheet

5182 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg alloy. It is also a 5 series rustproof aluminum plate, and its main component Mg content is up to 4%~5%. Therefore, the 5182 aluminum sheet has strong corrosion resistance. In addition, there is a small amount of Si, which is added to improve its weldability. It can adapt to gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, and other welding methods. Besides, 5182 aluminum plate also has excellent forming-processability, which makes it widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, construction, and industry.


1. Strong Corrosion Resistance. The surface of the 5182 aluminum sheet can form a dense oxide film. It plays an important role in rust prevention, acid resistance, alkali resistance.
2. Strong Weather Resistance. It can be sprayed with special paint or PVDF fluorocarbon paint. And it can be used for automobile bodies or building exterior walls. The service life is up to 25 years and the color will not fade.
3. High Plasticity. 5182 aluminum plate has good forming and processing performance, which can be well adapted to milling, boring, planning, and other mechanical processing at the maximum speed that can be achieved by most machine tools.
4. Mechanical Properties. 5182 aluminum sheet tensile strength σb(MPa)≥175, conditional yield strength σ0.2(MPa)≥80, elongation δ5(%)≥15.


Product Name: 5182 Aluminum sheet
Main ingredients:Aluminum and magnesium
Tempers: O/h111/h19/h48/h44/h46
Thickness: 0.1mm-300mm
Width: 7mm-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: Plain Plate

Applications and After-Sale Service:

5182 aluminum sheets are one of Al-Mg-based aluminum alloy plates. It is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum. It is used in manufacturing aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts for vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware, electrical enclosures, etc.
CLIMB 5182 aluminum alloy sheets can also be used for low load parts requiring high plasticity and good weldability in liquid or gaseous media, such as gasoline or lube oil conduits, various liquid containers, and other small load parts made with deep drawing.
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