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5086 Aluminum Sheet

Alloy 5086 aluminum plate sheet has higher strength than 5052 and 5083. Meanwhile, its mechanical properties vary significantly with hardening and temperature. And it is not strengthened by heat treatment but can become stronger due to strain hardening or cold working of the material. This 5086 aluminum alloy can be readily welded, and also retains most of its mechanical strength. Besides, the good results with welding and good corrosion properties in seawater make the 5086 aluminum alloy plate sheet extremely popular in marine applications. Meanwhile, the alloy 5086 aluminum plate sheet has been used in vehicle armor plates because of its high strength.


(1) Because of its small proportion, it reduces the shipping weight and the engine capacity, increases the speed
(2) Because of its good corrosion resistance, it can reduce the maintenance cost of oil coating, and prolong the service life (usually over 20 years).
(3) The processing performance is good, and it is easy for cutting, punching, cold bending, forming and cutting, and other forms of processing. It is also suitable for streamlining the hull, extruding large and wide thin-wall profiles, reducing the number of welds, and rationalizing and lightening the hull structure.


Product Name: 5086 Aluminum sheet
Main ingredients:Aluminum and magnesium
Tempers: O/h111/h112/h116/h321/h32/h34/h24/h22/h114
Thickness: 0.1mm-300mm
Width: 7mm-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: Plain Plate

Applications and After-Sale Service:

Welding parts for ships, automobiles, and aircraft plates;
Pressure vessels, refrigeration units, TV towers, installation, and exploration equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts, armor.
Board, siding, and deck of ship side and bottom, etc
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