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3105 Aluminum Coil

3105 aluminum sheet is 98% pure aluminum with the addition of specific alloys for strength improvement. This alloy can’t be hardened by heat treatment. It has excellent weldability, formability, and corrosion resistance.

Product Features:

1. Deep Draw ability. The deep drawing performance of 3105 aluminum coilt in O temper better than that of H26 temper and the deep drawing performance of 3105 aluminum alloy coil before low-temperature treatment is better than that of 24h.

2. 3105 aluminum coil has high plasticity in the annealed state, and its plasticity is good when it is semi-cold-work hardened, and it is low when it is cold-work hardened.

3. It is worth mentioning that the excellent weldability of 3105 aluminium coil is applicable to all existing welding technologies, of which arc welding is the best method.

4. Other Characteristics. Good corrosion resistance, good anodic oxidation, poor machinability, etc.

Product Parameters:

product name: 3105 aluminum coil
Temper: H14、O、H12、H18、H16
Length(mm):by coil

Application and After-Sales Service:

Typical applications for 3105:
Typical applications include general sheet metal work requiring greater strength than is provided by 1000 series aluminium alloys, residential siding, mobile homes and sign making.
Professional sales and documentation team track the whole process.
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