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3004 Aluminum Coil

3004 aluminum coil available for sale in size range of 0.1-300mm, with width of 7-2250mm, or custom sizes. The length range: by coil.

3004 aluminum coil is an alloy in the wrought aluminum-manganese family (3000 or 3xxx series). It is similar to the 3003 alloys, except for the addition of approximately 1% magnesium. It can be cold worked (but unlike some other types of aluminum alloys, heat-treated) to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility. Like most other aluminum-manganese alloys, 3003 is a general-purpose alloy with moderate strength, good workability, and good corrosion resistance.

Product Features:

3004 aluminum coil is the most widely used aluminum alloy. It is made up of aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, silicon and zinc. It is commonly used because it has great resistance to corrosion and is moderately strong. The 3003 aluminum coil is 20% stronger than 1100 grade alloys because it is fused with manganese. The strength of this alloy can be increased by cold working.

Product Parameters:

product name: 3004 aluminum coil
Length(mm):by coil

Application and After-Sales Service:

Typical applications for 3004:
3004 aluminum coil mainly used for processing the component parts that need to have good formability, high solderability good resistance to corrosion, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, transport tank, a tank of liquid products.

3004 aluminum coil mainly used in chemical production and storage equipment, plate processing, building materials, construction, cable pipes, sewer pipes, various parts of lamps and lanterns, cans, wave plate, building materials, colour aluminium plate, electric light head.

3004 aluminum coil mainly used in processing pressure vessel, pipeline, utensil, cooling fin, radiator, makeup board, copy machine roller, ship material.
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