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3 Series 5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate

The aluminum checker plate, also known as aluminum tread plate or chequered plate, has a raised repeating 5 bar pattern to improve grip and traction in heavy traffic areas. Due to its excellent strength and corrosion resistance, it is primarily used in outdoor environments such as walkways, access ramps, trailers, and truck beds or for indoor floor and wall protection, but can also be found in interior design, hospitality, and retail settings for its aesthetic effect.


3003 aluminum checker sheet is approx 20% higher strength than the 1100 series but retains an excellent workability rating. There may show some slight discoloration when anodized, but it reacts well to mechanical and organic finishings. 3003 is easily welded and brazed, but solder is limited to the torch method.

Products Specifications:

Product Name: 3 Series Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Alloy Number: 3003
Main ingredients: Aluminum and Manganese
Tempers: h114
Thickness: 1.5mm-6.35mm
Width: 7-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: Plate or coil

Applications and After-Sale Service:

5 Bar aluminum tread checkered plates sheets and coils are very resilient against aggressive substances and therefore, they regarded as indestructible. Due to their durability, they are used in many different areas because they will not lose their shape or look, even after a long time. Whether industrial floors, airplanes, ships, vehicles, or stairs indoors or outdoors, 5 bar aluminum tread checkered plates sheet coils are a popular material that is appreciated for their excellent properties, high resilience, and low weight.
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