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1050 Aluminum Coil

1060 aluminum coil and 1050 aluminum coil with 1 series pure aluminum coil, 1 series pure aluminum coil purity can reach more than 99.00%. 1 series aluminum coil represents 1050, 1060, 1100 aluminum plate. 1 series aluminum coil in the alloy number of the last two a number represents the aluminum content of this series of alloy, for example, 1050 aluminum coil aluminum content must reach 99.5% or more for qualified products. Similarly, the aluminum content of 1060 series aluminum coil must reach 99.6% or more.


1050 aluminum coil is divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled, cost-effective, 1050 aluminum coil has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics, but the strength is low, suitable for the requirements of corrosion resistance and formability are high occasions, chemical equipment is a more typical use.


Product Name: 1050 Aluminum coil
Main ingredients:Aluminum
Tempers: O/h34/h32/h24/h111/h112/h14/h114
Thickness: 0.1mm-300mm
Width: 7mm-2250mm
Length: 16000mm
Type: Aluminium Coil

Applications and After-Sale Service:

Battery soft connection, bus interiors, auto parts, aluminum composite panels, signage, lamps, curtain walls, aluminum mother coil, auto radiators (thick plates), battery cover caps/explosion-proof valves, charging piles (thick plates), luggage racks/flooring/floors, aluminum gaskets.
1050 aluminum coil applications: extruded coils for food, chemical and brewing industries, various hoses, lithium battery flexible connections, pole lug material, explosion-proof valves, heat sinks, signage, electronics, printing, curtain walls, stamping parts

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